How To Tell If Your Partner Has Lost Interest In You

Things have always been just OK, haven’t they. In fact, in the beginning things were great. You had a wonderful relationship. Evenings snuggled up on the sofa, watching trash TV with share-sized snacks. You didn’t need anything else. Silence was comfortable then, not worrying. It wasn’t dreaded.


When the fire fizzles out


But that was then. Perhaps lately, you’ve been feeling a little as though you have lost yourselves along the way. All relationships go through tough patches, but when tough patches extend to become a ‘way of life’, worry undoubtedly kicks in.


It is a heavy weight at the pit of your stomach. When you’re feeling as though your partner has lost interest in you, there are some tell-tale signs to help you be sure and get things back on track.


7 tell-tale signs your partner is losing interest


  1. Everything else is more important

It may be work, it may be catching up with friends, it may even be staring at Sky Sports uninterrupted from 9am to 9pm every weekend. When your partner fails to make time for you, that is, quality time when you can engage in conversation or enjoy each other’s company, things could be on the rocks.


  1. You don’t feel listened to

Do you find yourself repeating everything you say? Maybe you discuss things in detail but your partner simply can’t even recall any aspect of the conversation. When they stop showing interest in what you have to say, your thoughts, and your opinions, it could be that they’re just not that interested anymore. We listen to those we care about.


  1. They play away from home

Of course, when your partner starts to stray, showing interest in others, or even displaying signs of general commitment issues, it could be time to draw a line under your relationship and move on.


  1. It’s all physical

Sure, the sex is fine. But, when was the last time you and your partner connected on an emotional level? It is far more important to pay due attention to your partner’s feelings and emotional needs, than it is to spend time between the sheets.


  1. You’re at fault for everything and anything

It’s all too easy to find fault with others when you disconnect. When we’re unable to understand someone’s point of view, or reasons behind their behaviour or actions, tempers often heighten and blame is quite hastily placed.


  1. Comfort and support is gone

You and your partner should be a team. When the going gets tough, you should be in it together. You should be able to rely on them for support and comfort during hard times. If you find they are becoming irked by your emotions, and their support has dwindled, efforts may be being placed elsewhere.


  1. You’re not good enough anymore

You should be good enough for your partner, as you are. Everyone has little pet peeves, but when you’re around a loved one, you should feel at ease. You should be yourself. When you feel pressured to perform or feel shunned by their presence, it could be a tell-tale sign that things aren’t going great.


To conclude, it is not an easy situation to be into, and if you’re at this point you might want to quit and move on. Maybe catch up on your frustrations by using an adult dating site like, that way you can have a good time to get it all out of your system. It’s best to have some fun before you attempt another serious relationship; after all life is for living!

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