Does The Modern Girl About Town Need A Boyfriend?

Long gone are the days of the 1950s housewife, serving the home, her husband, and the children, as she drinks afternoon gin and while baking cakes for the neighbourhood.

Women are no longer restricted to simply keeping up appearances. Since the 60s, and certainly over the last twenty years, the rise of feminism, has meant that western women are now more independent than ever.


Of course, women vote. But women are now also educated to the same level as their male peers. They work in executive positions. They put food on the table. They juggle parenting, with their career, and their personal development, and they don’t let any aspect of their life suffer for it. In fact, despite all these additional roles, they turn up each day with perfectly applied makeup and head-turning hairstyles.


Carrying the capability to execute just about anything they put their mind to, entices the question: does the modern girl about town really need a boyfriend?


What women want


Traditionally, women have always aspired to achieve the perfect family. From being small girls, females are encouraged to nurse dolls, dream of white wedding dresses, and bake delectable delights for the family.


Yet, as more women are choosing to go into professional roles, it seems that dreams are quickly shifting away from what is expected. Now an increasing number of women want to achieve for themselves and create their own life, without depending on a man. They are putting their education and career ahead of long-term relationship goals. Ladies are choosing to have children later in life, when they are in a stronger position both financially and emotionally.

With that in mind, what exactly do women want from men?


Put any ideas of financial security and babbling babies straight into the rubbish bin. Women want to meet a partner who enhances their life. This is a far cry from finding a partner who dictate the life the family leads.


Qualities women look for in men


Today, women typically look for men with who they can forge a partnership with. Women want a man who can make them laugh, work for themselves, and isn’t demanding of any domestic duties.


Of course, as relationships unfold, these things do happen. Women will wash up, and men will watch sports. Women will chat with friends, as men read the local rag. What is important is that these things occur naturally, and aren’t expected or insisted upon by the man.


But that is not all. As many of you know there are now a lot of women online dating for a bit of fun, and going to sites like:  confirms it.   Women don’t need to be told what to do, they can enjoy themselves as they please thanks to the internet, and also thanks to a more progressive approach to dating.


Overall, any strong girl about town knows what she can achieve on her own. Any man who comes into her life must have something to offer. This could simply be companionship. A like-minded individual with who they can share evenings at home in front of a box set, and travels abroad. They are a partner in crime. A  date for all those dastardly calendar events that they simply can’t get out.


Modern day relationships are about equality and respect. And that is what the modern girl about town is looking for.

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