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How to choose porn: rules Disgusting peasants

The VHS era and the rewriting of adult movies from a blank disc to a blank disc when the novelties had to walk with their feet to classmates was long over, and at first we got a huge freedom of choice, and then a huge dump of video of different quality and meaning. In 2018, you cannot just take it. Well, you understand! Whichever website you use, having lowered your pants, you first encounter the agony of choice, as in a bookstore where it is impossible to navigate, not knowing why it came. No one, after all, has time to flip through a pornographic site.

Disgusting peasants conferred and decided to share with readers the secrets of a Top adult list selection of porn.

By name / nickname of the actress

Proven grandfather’s method: found a beautiful face – find out her name. As a rule, it is enough to remember a fictitious nickname and a stupid nickname – and you will open a whole world of videos with her participation. On which site after driving personal data of the actress – in principle, no difference. It is the main thing to remember correctly, because even Google does not always rightly correct the names of porn actresses.

By the name of the studio

Even more correct decision – remember the name of the studio. As a rule, a certain manufacturer adheres to one style. Nobody limits you to a single aesthetic; it’s easier for authors to find exactly what you like only. Plus, as with the names of actresses, studios easily get into search engines on most porn sites and produce a liquid result. Add to bookmarks a couple of official sites and will always be aware of new products and updates.

Select by tags

The tags are needed to catalog the material, so you need to use them to the fullest and wisely. They allow you to filter out excess and save really a lot of time. You liked the actress and her type or the format of porn – they went by tags and found something like that – it’s easy. The rule of such a choice may seem too obvious, but there are some subtleties. Most often, the most attractive, and, as a consequence, pop, tags are duplicated and confusion arises.

Experience suggests that the one indicated by the rule of the “golden mean”. Too often used tags tend to be shamelessly spammed. This is due to the fact that almost every video is assigned a whole heap of the most popular tags with the purpose of its promotion. The result is a loss of representativeness. On the other hand, on a category in which there is little video, too, do not pay attention – too small will be the choice. Total, referring to the list of tags on the site, it is usually better to choose the one that is assigned and not too large, and not too few video.

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